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Did you know that Santhanam’s a trained martial artiste?

You’ve known him as  a comedian, a hero, a producer and a distributor but did you know that Santhanam is actually a trained martial artiste as well?
Yes, that is right. If one is to go by what sources say, the actor is trained in Karate and even has a brown belt  in the martial art form. What is more, the actor seems to be putting his martial art skills to good use.
Says a source, “Santhanam is at present working on a film titled Odi Odi Uzhaikanum. The film is being directed by Gnanagiri and has Amyra Dastur as the heroine. A stunt sequence had to be canned for this film in which Santhanam had to fight Stunt master Silva. The challenge was that he had to do this while hanging upside down. Santhanam did such an exceptional job that  onlookers burst out clapping as soon as the shot was canned. Most people on the sets who witnessed this shot felt that Santhanam was able to do this so convincingly because of knowing Karate and also because of learning stunts in a methodical manner.”
Source : South scope

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