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Santhanam says “Friendship Vera, Business Vera

During the promotional meet of Inimey Ippadithaan, Santhanam was indeed pretty the man of spotlights as he was so much gladly answering every question, some turning little complicated in a genuine way. When asked about getting some big hands for releasing his movie, Santhanam replied, “I usually believe in the concept of getting the best material out. When we are doing best things with best efforts, best things come surprising us. Even if you are praying to God, he would give you the boon only when you prepare the material or product properly and carry them to the best place, where the results would favour them. So I don’t prefer using friendship for selling my product.” Inimey Ippadithaan stars Ashna Zaveri and Akhila Kishore in female lead characters and is directed by duo filmmakers Muruganand.

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